Suicide Prevention Resources

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Access resources focused on suicide prevention, including Members in Action case studies, webinars, member calls, campaigns and publications.


Addressing Challenges and Priorities through the Trustee Role

Why Boards Should Focus on Suicide Prevention

Sue Ellen Wagner spoke with Cathy Frank, M.D., chair of Henry Ford Health’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services, to learn about how the health system is addressing suicide prevention, a vital public health issue that governing boards should know more about.

Featured Podcast

The Challenges Confronting Rural Communities, Providers and Their Remedies: A Panel Discussion

In recognition of National Rural Health Day, John Supplitt, Sr. Director, AHA Rural Health Services is joined by 4 colleagues from AHA each of whom has a unique perspective on pathways to recovery and solutions to the challenges confronting rural health care providers and the communities they serve. Workforce, suicide, and maternal health are among the highest priorities of rural communities. Experts offer their insights and solutions with a special focus on the role of the hospital board in leading the effort.




If you are in crisis or feel like you are a safety threat to yourself or others, please call 988 or 911 or go to the nearest emergency department immediately.


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