Digital Resources to Address COVID-19

As hospitals and health systems work to combat COVID-19, digital resources can play a vital role in managing patient care, sharing information, providing community support and more.

The AHA is pleased to offer members access to these valuable tools and resources to support you in your efforts against this unprecedented pandemic.

View the latest developments related to COVID-19.

The Role of Technology in the Fight Against Coronavirus

COVID-19 is reshaping health care through technology. Recent advances, such as artificial intelligence, telehealth, virtual collaboration and data tracking are stepping up to help address the virus and flatten the curve. In this podcast, Andy Shin, chief operating officer and senior vice president at the AHA Center for Health Innovation and Kaveh Safavi, head of global health at Accenture discuss the role of technology during this pandemic.

Telehealth Best Practices

A roundup of the latest and best ways hospitals and health systems are deploying telehealth and virtual care to serve patients.

AHA Digital Pulse – COVID-19 Tools and Resources

AHA Digital Pulse: COVID 19 is a new online tool produced in partnership with the digital innovation network AVIA to quickly aggregate and disseminate information about where health systems are acting and with what technology so shared learnings can be used immediately by others.

Verily COVID-19 Pathfinder Triage Tool

This online triage tool can easily be embedded on a hospital’s website and provides verified information about COVID-19, triages a patient’s symptoms and severity, and directs them to the most applicable actions based on their inputs.

Providence Health – Digital Response Strategies

Providence Health and the AHA hosted health system leaders for a virtual meeting to discuss successful digital response strategies and brainstorm new ideas for addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

How Digital Tools Can Help Address COVID-19

This Advancing Health podcast, Andy Shin, COO of the AHA’s Center for Health Innovation discusses what digital response strategies have been successful, and what lessons have been learned, with Bruce Brandes, general manager digital and partner Network, AVIA and Vindell Washington, chief clinical officer, Verily.

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