2019 Schedule H Benchmark Reports Now Available

AHA Special Bulletin
June 6, 2022

Tax-exempt hospitals provide billions in community benefit

The American Hospital Association (AHA) today released the Schedule H tax year 2019 benchmark reports.

Each year, the AHA, assisted by Ernst & Young LLP, collects Schedule H tax filings to assist in advocacy efforts and demonstrate the benefit provided by tax-exempt hospitals and health systems to their communities. Member hospitals and health systems are able to select and download relevant benchmark reports to compare performance by hospital type.

This year, the AHA contracted with Guidestar to create a file of all Schedule H forms electronically submitted by hospitals to the Internal Revenue Service. Tax year 2019 offers the most recent comprehensive filed information available. Using the Guidestar database, as well as AHA annual survey data, we have prepared benchmark reports for various types of tax-exempt hospitals and health systems. This allows the field to access comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding the level and type of community benefits provided across tax-exempt hospitals.

The benchmark reports are password protected and can be accessed here. The reports enable hospitals and health systems to make comparisons based on demographic characteristics as well as overall performance. Members can also find the public report on tax-exempt hospitals’ 2019 Schedule H community benefit here.

America’s hospitals and health systems provide a wide range of benefits, services and programs to improve the health of their communities. In addition to the information captured on the Schedule H, AHA encourages hospitals to publicly share the many ways you support your communities. You can find a sampling of community benefit programs, reports and resources here.

If you have questions or experience difficulties accessing the reports, or would like to share your community benefit reports and resources, please contact ahahelp@aha.org. Please note, you will need to be logged in to the AHA website to view the benchmark reports.


If you have further questions, please contact AHA at 800-424-4301. No names or organizational identities are included in the reports.

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